What My Clients Have To Say!

I never have to worry about things not being done. You’re so professional and I’m grateful for that! Bianca takes on tasks for me that free up my capacity, as well as tasks for the team that allows them to do other projects. Badass business owner and momma, you are!
Jennifer Ruscin
Retail Business Expert
Bianca has been a huge asset to my business in more ways than one, and couldn’t come with a higher recommendation. Her attention to detail, drive to satisfy all needs/wants, and time management skills are unmatched. While working with me recently, I have seen her take my business productivity and skyrocket it. She had taken control of social media tasks, as well as some management and team operation planning. She does various tasks for me in both of those brackets and does each with a high level of communication which is a huge focus for me. I would highly recommend her for her amazing social media skills and team management expertise
April Wilhelm
Remote Career Expert
Bianca has been an integral asset to my business. Since hiring her, she has quickly assimilated to my business and took initiative to be the right-hand person I've always needed in my business. Hiring Bianca or through her agency, you will be guaranteed to be surrounded by a team that represents excellence. Thank you Bianca for being continual support, for the laughs, and for your expertise. You have set the bar for any staff members I hire in my business.
Jasmin Haley
Business Strategist
Bianca's company has been a blessing to my business. She goes above and beyond to look for ways to simplify your life as a business owner. She inserts her opinions when they are necessary and they are always helpful! She respects your time and offers fair pricing. There is no doubt in my mind that she is the perfect fit within anyone's operation. Thank you for all you do for SVK!
Sonia Ballantyne
Boutique Owner
Bianca has truly been amazing to work with. She communicates so well and is prompt. She still allows me control over the things I want it over and has just melded into my messaging without issue. I feel like my audience still sees "me" even though she is doing the heavy lifting of it. I cannot recommend her services highly enough!
Caitlynn Eldridge
Bianca was amazing to work with! Not only did she create a content calendar filled with topics specific to my business, she also included a video to help with ideas and examples for the content. She is very quick to respond to any questions I have for her and she really explains things in a way that is easy to understand. I highly recommend working with Bianca.
Teresa Romero
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